Attempting to write an accurate account of an historical event which took place sixty years ago is difficult. The facts are without colour to bring the story to life. The facts supplied by eyewitness accounts vary. If the facts vary in the eye of the beholder, then so do the colours, writing the history is made even more difficult. The sad fact is that there are few eyewitnesses left to add their facts and brush strokes of colour to the blood soaked canvass on which the battle of Hong Kong was painted over 60 years ago on December 7th., 1941.

I have used my father's memories which he wrote with painstaking care and attention to detail. My father was Major Maurice Albert Parker, Commander of  "D" Company, the Royal Rifles of Canada. He was there on December 7th., 1941. He spoke little of his ordeal, at least not to me, but he wrote about the battle, and the years of captivity which followed. He spoke more about the 44 months in prisoner of war camp than he did of the battle. I think that the memories he would have had to drag up were too painful to recall. His truth comes, like everyone else's, from his perspective.

I have also gone to many other sources to gather material. Obviously I have not been the first at any well. Those who seek facts go to every well available. One well of information is much the same as any other. The perspective changes giving the story different colours.

What I have attempted to do is put the facts in chronological order and to add to the facts supplied the colours seen by those whose personal accounts are chronicled here.

This is for my Dad. I hope I've got it right.




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