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The Battle of Hong Kong The Royal Rifles of
Canada, The Winnipeg Grenadiers.

The saga is told from a Canadian perspective, using the words of those soldiers who fought that, long ago, almost forgotten battle.

Ronald C. Parker, the son of a WWll Hong Kong veteran, has written a book that tells the wrenching story
of one of the great battles of World War ll , “The Battle of Hong Kong ”.

He is the son of Major Maurice A. Parker, Commanding Officer of “D” Company, The Royal Rifles of Canada.

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Not the Slightest Chance

Quote from the jacket: This book assembles a phase-by-phase, day-by-day, hour-by-hour account of the battle. It considers the individual actions that made up the fighting as well as the strategies and plans and the many controversies that arose.

Years of research, and superb writing skills, have made this is the book by which all other books on The Battle of Hong Kong will be measured.

Tony Banham

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The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru

Tony Banham's second book. It is more narrative in style, and documents the fate of all aboard the Lisbon Maru from the fall of Hong Kong through to death or liberation - and for many of the survivors.

An associated website, the Lisbon Maru, documents that ship and its fateful voyage.

This book, "The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru" is now available through Amazon.

Again Tony Banham proves to be a master of research, a wizard with words. and sets the bar a notch higher for authors who tackle the story of The Battle of Hong Kong and it's aftermath.

Another forgotten chapter of the Battle of Hong Kong and the suffering of those who fell captive to the Japanese.






We Shall Suffer There

This book sets out to describe — in their own words as far as possible — the fates of Hong Kong’s POWs and Internees from the moment of capture through, for those who survived, to the moments of liberation and homecoming. Space, of course, precludes telling every individual’s story, but by covering every camp, every draft to Japan, and every hospital, some idea of each individual’s experience should be conveyed; hopefully, the sample documented here can speak for all. As in Not The Slightest Chance, each death is examined and reported. Clck here to learn more

Tony Banham is a long-term resident of Hong Kong, having arrived in the 1980s. He has been studying the Battle of Hong Kong for almost twenty production of numerous television documentaries, and helped many children of veterans in their researches into their fathers' war years. He is the author of Not the Slightest Chance: The Defence of Hong Kong, 1941, and The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru: Britain's Forgotten Wartime Tragedy . Available through Amazon.




The Damned

The Damned tells the largely unknown saga of Canada’s first land battle of the Second World War -- fought in the hills and valleys of Hong Kong in December 1941 -- and the terrible years the survivors of the battle spent as slave labourers for the Empire of Japan.

Their story begins in the fall of 1941, when almost 2,000 members of the Royal Rifles and Winnipeg Grenadiers were sent to bolster the British garrison at Hong Kong. In the seventeen day battle for the colony following the attack on December 8, the Canadians suffered grievous losses: 927 men were either killed or wounded and, by the end of the battle, 1,185 soldiers and two nursing sisters had been captured -- a casualty rate of 100 percent, the very definition of a military catastrophe. The second part of their story -- of how the Canadians survived the horrid conditions of Japanese POW camps -- lasts three and a half years. Many prisoners died, some from malnutrition or disease, some as a result of torture, and others from the effects of brutal slave labour in factories, shipyards and coal mines.

But despite the circumstances, the young Canadian soldiers remained unbowed and unbroken. Theirs is a story of determination and valour, of resilience and faith. Listen to George MacDonnell's interview about The Damned.




The Code of Love

The Code of Love by Andro Linklater tells the moving true story of a love that survives separation, madness and war. In the spring of 1939, Pamela Kirrage, headstrong and beautiful, met Donald Hill, a handsome RAF pilot. After a golden summer of courtship, they became engaged. In September, with Britain now in conflict with Germany, their plans disintegrated.

Hill was transferred to Hong Kong. Sensing that he was caught up in the sweep of great events, he began a diary in an old school exercise book. However, officers serving abroad were forbidden to keep such records, so Hill devised a secret code that transformed his words into numbers. When Hong Kong fell to the Japanese and Donald was captured and sent to a prisoner of war camp, he took his diary with him.

The Code of Love, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, is now available from bookshops and from









Roses in December

The Battle of Hong Kong took place between 8th December and 25th December 1941. This is the tale of the Stanford family and how they were affected by this battle.

It tells of life in the Army, life in the colonies, the battle, the infamous Lisbon Maru, and how the family coped with the war, evacuation, repatriation, and post war.

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George Thomas Palmer's Story

This book has not been published and is available only as a cerlux bound document (81/2 x 11) It is the story of Michael's grandfather's Journey from Prince Edward Island to Omine Camp in Japan and back home.

It is a well researched, informative account of a member of "C" Force to Hong Kong written through the eyes of a grandson.

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'C' Force Decorations, Medals, Awards and Honours

by Vincent Lopata

The book documents the decorations, medals, awards and honours including citations given to soldiers of the Canadian Army that fought at the Battle of Hong Kong, December 1941.

Following the battle they became Prisoners of War of the Japanese from January 1942 until August 1945.

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